Let's start developing websites using PyroCMS

By: William
Category: PyroCMS

I will document all those standard questions and solutions to them as i learn PyroCMS from scratch!

PyroCMS was released on Laravel in 2016, and i jumped on the ship. With little time on my hands, i tried digging in slowly during late 2016. Actually released our first website from Pixney on it as well.

Now in January 2017, i have decided to switch the default go to cms. Earlier it was Modx. From now on though, it is Pyro.

I normally don't blog since i have no spare time. But since i am going to dig into PyroCMS for real, i will be running into issues for sure. That's why i thought it would be great to document what i learn, mostly for my own sake. But i am sure someone else out there could benefit from it as well.